Oracle Hysterical & New Vintage Baroque Celebrate “Deluxe” “Passionate Pilgrim”

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On June 3, Oracle Hysterical and New Vintage Baroque celebrate the release of five new tracks on their recently released album Passionate Pilgrim, called “music that is unstuck in time” in a recent review in the Wall Street Journal. The new tracks, written by Oracle Hysterical vocalist and composer Majel Connery, are the original songs of the cycle that set the course for the album more than a decade ago. The program at National Sawdust also features freshly-minted re-orchestrations by Timo Andres of Benjamin Britten’s Folksong Arrangements for baroque band (featuring tenor Owen McIntosh), and Oracle Hysterical member Elliot Cole’s heartrending living-room opera, Babinagar, based on an Afghani folktale.

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