BBC World Service to Feature Mohammed Fairouz

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Mohammed Fairouz was chosen by the BBC to be a featured artist for the television series Collaboration Culture, which will air globally on BBC World Service TV (viewership approximately 70 million). As part of the program, which includes an in-depth profile of the composer, Fairouz developed and unveiled an entirely new dance work, Hindustani Dabkeh, featuring David Krakauer, the American String Quartet and Bollywood star Shakti Mohan.

Air dates for this show are as follows (all times Eastern):
Friday, July 13th – 7:30PM on BBC World News
Saturday, July 14th – 2:30AM on BBC World News
Sunday, July 15th – 7:30AM on BBC World News
Sunday, July 15th – 1:30PM on BBC World News

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