Tom Nazziola Receives Grammy Nomination for Best Instrumental Composition

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Composer and percussionist Tom Nazziola is up for a 2022 Grammy in the “Best Instrumental Composition” category. His work “Cat and Mouse,” from his 2021 album “Distant Places,” received the nomination.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone magazine praised Tom Nazziola, saying of the composer: “His talent is rare. His contribution indispensable.” On “Distant Places” Nazziola presents a collection of works that reflect both outward curiosity and internal exploration. The composer/percussionist showcases his global influences through a wide array of rhythms, timbres, and instrumentation. Nazziola also explores his own memories and experiences, especially in the Rochester Suite – where he spent formative college years. Whether far away in years or location, the distant places referenced here shaped the composer’s unique perspective and compositional voice.

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