There once was half of a basement that had soggy walls and a concrete floor angled towards a clogged drain. There were shelves of tools, and also jam. This was a place we could go to make things messily and uninhibitedly. This was the unfinished side.

At the heart of Unfinished Side is the music and the need to create. This foundation makes us better at everything we do. We consider the relationships we have – whether with media, distributors, filmmakers, musicians, or management – to be true collaborations.

Unfinished Side provides a full range of managerial and publicity services to its clients. Current and past clients include Anonymous 4, A Far Cry, Ravi Shankar, Alliance Artist Management, Music Before 1800, Barrett Artists, Harmonia Mundi, Peer Music, Mohammed Fairouz, Sarah Kirkland Snider, Trio Mediaeval, and Imani Winds.


Stuart Wolferman Founder


Stuart is a publicist and songwriter with an open mind and broad skill-set. He grew up in Kansas City, MO and studied music in Hartford, CT at Trinity College, graduating in 1997. Stuart then spent six dark, formative, and mostly glorious years in Seattle working for several non-profits. He served as publicity director for Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras (the largest youth orchestra organization in the US!) throughout his time there. He also served as festival director for the Marrowstone Music Festival, and education director at Jack Straw Productions. Chunks of time were also spent in a red Ford Econoline touring with several bands, and writing introspective songs about hometowns and heartache.

After arriving in NYC in 2003, Stuart took the position of publicity director at Herbert Barrett Management. The experience of handling publicity materials and requests for a roster of over 120 artists was an invaluable experience. Stuart was able to hone his organization and efficiency skills while also coming into contact with media from all over the United States. In 2005 he officially launched Unfinished Side Productions to pursue the idea that good work shouldn’t go unloved. Under the name Imaginary Johnny, Stuart has released six albums and is currently tackling one song a month. He’s been an International Songwriting Competition finalist and had songs placed in film and television. Stuart resides in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.


Alex Rainer Publicity & Digital Media Manager


Alex is a creative communications wiz, musician, and all-around lover of sound. Prior to joining Unfinished Side Productions, he worked to support our arts communities through Westchester County’s ArtsWestchester, and Boston’s Slabmedia.

A NY-native, Alex graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in English and Philosophy, and subsequently studied Arts Management at Purchase College. After working with artists in New England and Cracow, Poland, Alex moved back to New York City and is currently based in Brooklyn.


Zoë Knight Publishing Consultant


Zoë is associate director of St. Rose Music Publishers and St. Rose Management. She performs an array of publishing and management duties, including licensing for artists such as Nico Muhly, Tom Waits, Ravi Shankar, among others. She is an invaluable resource in the often murky world of commissioning, licenses, contracts, and other crevices of the music biz.

And, Zoë is Stuart’s wife and mother of their children.

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